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Windows Soffits & Fascia Cleaning
You use water fed poles to clean the windows. What are they?
We use very strong and light carbon fibre poles which carry pure water to a soft bristled brush head which has been especially designed for cleaning glass.
What's so special about pure water?
Pour a glass of tap water over a window and wait for it to dry, you'll notice that it leaves a stain on the glass. This stain is a combination of the minerals, chemicals and organisms in the water. Our water passes through a high-tech filtration system to remove 100% of the impurities. So when the water dries it leaves no smears or residue.
Will my windows be crystal clear after your first visit?
Not in every case. Your previous window cleaner probably used a solution like Fairly Liquid to clean your windows. It produces a great result immediately after cleaning but soon gets dirty. Fairy Liquid is designed for cleaning crockery, not clear glass - leaving deposits which attract dirt. HydroPure  remove all of the cleaning solution deposits to ensure a spotless finish. We also make sure that the accumulated dirt and dust is removed completely from the frame, especially the top.
Why do you leave the windows wet?
We leave the windows wet because they have been rinsed with pure water which will dry clear.
My previous window cleaner didn't ever clean the windows above my conservatory. Can you?
Most of the time it's no problem. If we can see all of the window from the ground, we can normally clean it with our pole system. However, if the window is partially or completely obscured, we probably won't be able to clean it without using ladders to help with access.

Fascias and Soffits

The very same system is excellent for cleaning Fascias and Soffits to a very high standard.