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Cleaning with Pure Water

Our filtration system produces 100% labratory grade water with no chemicals or detergents, so there is no need to either dry or polish your windows after they have been cleaned.

The pure water re-absorbs any dirt, chemicals or minerals it comes into contact with, and they are then simply rinsed away leaving a clean and sterile pain of glass with no sticky residue to re-attract dirt.

Using state of the art equipment means windows up to 20 metres can be reached easily and safely without ladders, giving you privacy and allowing us to reach even the most awkward windows.

With a friendly and professional team along with competitive pricing, HydroPure provide a reliable, non-invasive and flexible service to both commercial and domestic clients.

We pride ourselves on the professional results we achieve.

Cleaning In The Rain

It is a commonly held belief that windows should not be cleaned when it rains because ‘the rain will just make them dirty again. Is this really a fact?
The simple answer is 'no'. Although in some parts of Europe and the UK many people believe having their windows washed when it rains is a waste of time, in the USA, it is normal practice for window cleaners to carry on in all weather except storms and high winds.

Windows need cleaning because they get dirty not because they get wet. When chimneys were belching smoke it probably was true that by the time the rain drops reached the ground they were full of dirt and smoke particles.
With the Clean Air Act that situation has changed. Nowadays the three major causes of dirty windows are dust, pollen and droppings.
If these are present on the window glass when it rains, the residue in the rain attaches itself to the dirt and can often make the windows look worse. When the window is clean the rain will simply run off and the glass
continues to remain clean.

So rain should not stop you having your windows cleaned. You can have them washed with pure water in all but the most torrential rain with excellent results.

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